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Welcome to the website for Johnson, J: Designing with the Mind in Mind: Simple Guide to Understanding User Interface Design Guidelines, 2nd Edition.

Designing with the Mind in Mind

About This Companion Site

This page provides links to online resources and demonstrations that augment and illustrate the information provided in Designing with the Mind in Mind

UI Guidelines

  • Shneiderman Eight Golden Rules of UI Design

  • Nielsen/Molich Usability Heuristics

  • Georgia Tech article on Design Principles

  • Wikipedia article on Principles of UI Design

  • SylvanTech summary of principles for UI design

  • Tog's First Principles of Interaction Design

  • Vision

  • GSU Rods & Cones explanation

  • Stanford U perceptual facts

  • Brynmawr U blind-spot demonstration

  • UCSD Perceived Shape from Shading slideshow

  • U of Minnesota demonstration of depth perception's dependence on shadows

  • U of Minnesota demonstration of shadow-induced perceived-motion illusion

  • Adelson checkershadow illusion

  • Waterfall illusion

  • TU-Dresden demonstration of motion after-effect

  • York University (Canada) demonstration of Phi phenomenon

  • Michael Bach's demonstration of flash-lag effect

  • Michael Bach's demonstration of motion-stepping effect

  • Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena (by Michael Bach)

  • Optical Illusions collection by TU-Dresden (Germany)

  • Optical Illusions collection by Akiyoshi Kitaoka (Ritsumeikan U, Kyoto, Japan)

  • Wikipedia on Optical Illusions

  • Ouchi illusion

  • UCSD demonstrations of Gestalt Principles of Visual Perception

  • UCSD Peripheral Vision explanation

  • U of Sussex demonstrations of motion perception

  • BioMotion Lab demonstrations of visual clustering

  • Yale U Visual Cognition demonstrations

  • Snopes article on subliminal perception

  • Memory and Attention

  • Stanford article on William James, the first cognitive scientist

  • Rutgers U visual attention demonstrations

  • Mind Hacks demo of change-blindness

  • U of Paris article explaining change-blindness

  • U of Paris demonstration 1 of change-blindness (O'Regan & Noe)

  • U of Paris demonstration 2 of change-blindness

  • U of Illinois demonstrations of change-blindness

  • U of Illinois video demonstration of visual attention

  • Rochester U demonstrations of visual attention

  • Hearing, Speaking and Reading

  • Mind Hacks demonstrations of sound frequency perception:
  • Demonstrations of Audio Illusions and Tricks (Kyushu University)

  • Cognitve Components of Reading (interview of Dr. Keith Stanovich)

  • John Medina demo of McGurk Effect

  • National Taiwan University demonstrations of McGurk Effect

  • Cognition, Reasoning and Consciousness

  • Tufts U explanation of Multiple-drafts theory of consciousness

  • Cognitive Science Readings Digest (by Jim Davis)

  • U of Washington Stroop Test demonstrations

  • Archive of Math and Logic Puzzles

  • UCSB Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology

  • Wikipedia list of cognitive biases

  • Brain Science

  • Positscience / Brain Connection

  • Harvard Med School Brain Atlas

  • MSU Brain Biodiversity Bank

  • U of Washington Brain Info

  • U of Washington Neuroscience for Kids

  • Brynmawr U Brain and Behavior

  • CSI article debunking 10% brain-use myth

  • BrainVoyager brain-sensing equipment

  • NIH Neuron Explanation

  • Real-time Aspects of Perception, Cognition, and Behavior

  • Speed of Automatic Startle/Flinch Response Compared to Intentional Behavior (by Tony Blauer)

  • Jim Davis summary of Schneider and Shiffrin (1977) article on Controlled vs. Automatic Processing