Braswell: Justice, Crime, and Ethics, 7th Edition

Case Studies

Chapter 1: Ethics, Crime, and Justice: An Introductory Note to Students
Chapter 2: Utilitarian and Deontological Approaches to Criminal Justice Ethics
Chapter 3: Peacemaking, Justice, and Ethics
Chapter 4: How Police Officers Learn Ethics
Chapter 5: Deception in Police Interrogations
Chapter 6: Using Ethical Dilemmas in Training Police
Chapter 7: Police Ethics, Legal Proselytism, and the Social Order: Paving the Path to Misconduct
Chapter 8: Whatever Happened to Atticus Finch? Lawyers as Legal Advocates and Moral Agents
Chapter 9: Prosecutor Misconduct
Chapter 10: Criminal Sentencing: Goals, Practices, and Ethics
Chapter 11: Crime and Punishment: Punishment Philosophies and Ethical Dilemmas
Chapter 12: To Die or Not to Die: Morality, Ethics, and the Death Penalty
Chapter 13: Ethical Issues in Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections
Chapter 14: Restorative Justice and the Peacemaking Ethic
Chapter 15: Keeping an Eye of the Keeper: Prison Corruption and Its Control
Chapter 16: Ethics and Prison: Selected Issues
Chapter 17: Crime and Justice Myths
Chapter 18: The Ford Pinto Case and Beyond: Assessing Blame
Chapter 19: Ethics and Criminal Justice Research
Chapter 20: Terrorism and Justice
Chapter 21: Criminal Justice: An Ethic for the Future

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