Comprehensive Glycoscience
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Chemistry to Systems Biology
4 Volume Set

Comprehensive Glycoscience brings together the most recent, in-depth reviews, theories and developments in carbohydrates and glycan research in one comprehensive work. Glycoscience is the study of complex carbohydrates and
is rapidly becoming a critical field in biological and medical research. By examining the interfaces between glycoscience and core scientific disciplines, this multi-volume reference work provides the expert knowledge required to understand the background, synthesis and development of glycocompounds.

Aims and Scope

  • Documents the new and rapid expansion of carbohydrate chemistry and glycobiology over the last few years
  • An indispensable reference source for scientists and researchers interested in the analysis, biochemistry and chemistry of carbohydrates
  • Combines multiple aspects of glycoscience in one comprehensive work
  • Contains over 500 full colour figures and over 3400 illustrations, structures and tables
  • Collects the multidisciplinary areas of glycoscience into one comprehensive review with over 12,000 references to the primary literature
  • Written by more than 200 leading experts from 19 countries working in academia and industry
  • Benefits from multidisciplinary source contributors, from polysaccharide experts to biochemists and medics
  • Highlights the many new, imaginative and efficient techniques for providing insights into carbohydrates and glycostructures


  • Academics
  • Glycoscientists
  • Graduate students
  • Industrial scientists in pharmaceuticals
  • Molecular and cell biologists
  • Chemistry and food scientists
  • Drug and medical researchers

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ISBN 10: 0-444-52746-X
ISBN 13: 978-0-444-52746-2

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