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Ship Hydrostatics and Stability, 2nd Edition
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Welcome to the website for Biran, Pulido: Ship Hydrostatics and Stability, 2nd Edition.

The software stored on this site is organized in 14 folders as follows:

- 12 folders, one for each one of the Chapters 2-13;

- one folder containing a MATLAB demo illustrating the generation of the B- and –M curves;

- one folder containing a MATLAB digitizer-integrator.

The folders dedicated to specific chapters are composed of several sub-folders. The folders designated as FigureMfiles contain the MATLAB files that generate certain figures appearing in the book. Other sub-folders contain MATLAB functions that perform important calculations, such as checking intact stability according to a given criterion. Other functions or script files solve some examples or exercises. It is worth mentioning the simulation of the Mathieu equation in Chapter 9, that of a Frahm vibration absorber in Chapter 12, and the generation of Bézier curves in Chapter 13. This latter chapter contains also an elementary example of roll simulation in Simulink. On this site there also a few examples of Excel spreadsheets.

All MATLAB functions and script files begin with a heading that describes the task performed by the file, the input and output arguments, and important details of their operation. To read the heading of the file myfile type on the command line

help myfile