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Welcome to the website for Cooper, Torczon: Engineering a Compiler, 2nd Edition.

Engineering a Compiler

Errata Listing

The errata sheet for Engineering a Compiler, Second Edition will be posted here when it becomes available.

Figures from the Text

A complete set of figures from the text are available from the links below.

Lecture Slides

Undergraduate Course

These lecture slides (in PowerPoint format) were used by the authors at Rice in the Fall of 2010 for their Introduction to Compiler Construction course. They reflect, largely, the organization of Engineering a Compiler, Second Edition. Note: these lecture notes differ from the lecture notes distributed with the First Edition ofEngineering a Compiler in significant ways.

  • Lecture Slides

  • Graduate Course

    Note From the Authors: These lecture notes have been used in COMP 512 at Rice University. That course, titled "Advanced Compiler Construction", takes a broad look at code optimization for uniprocessor performance. We teach it from Chapters 8, 9, and 10 of EaC2e, augmented with a large collection of technical papers.

    In any given semester, the specific contents of the course are driven by the laboratory work that we expect the students to do, by recent developments in the marketplace (e.g., new processor and system featuers) and in the literature (e.g., new analysis or transformation techniques). This web site contains a large set of lectures that have been used in the course in recent years. To build an instance of the course, I pick some subset of these topics, add a couple of new lectures, and weave them together around a lab.

    A guide to the lectures provides a brief description of each lecture and its contents, along with relevant bibliographic information. The organization of the lecture notes corresponds to the organization of the guide.

  • Guide to the Lecture Notes

  • Notes on Laboratory Exercises

  • Lecture Slides

  • Copyright Notice for these Lecture Materials

    The copyright holders, Keith Cooper and Linda Torczon, give explicit permission for the use of these materials for non-profit, educational or research purposes. You have the right to modify the content as needed (including translation into languages other than English) provided the original copyright is acknowledged on the opening page of any materials.

    Links to Course Materials at the Author's Web Site

    Additional materials related to the text can be accessed at the author's Web site:

  • Undergraduate course: www.clear.rice.edu/comp412

  • Graduate course:www.clear.rice.edu/comp412

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