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Welcome to the website for Ashenden, P: Digital Design (Verilog): An Embedded Systems Approach Using Verilog.

Digital Design (Verilog)

About this companion site

This site includes links to:

  • Source code for all of the example HDL models in the book
  • Tutorial on the Verilog hardware description language
  • Tutorial on the use of EDA tools for design projects
  • Links to CAD Software vendors (Mentor Graphics®, Xilinx®, Synplicity®)
  • Reference documents
  • An assembler for the Gumnut processor
  • Supplementary appendices
  • Errata sheet (PDF)

Computer-Aided Design Software

Professional-strength computer-aided design (CAD) software is available from:

Synplicity® University Program Demos & Information

Synplicity tools allow tomorrow's designers the ability to gain valuable experience with the latest methodologies and technologies and state-of-the-art EDA solutions. Please visit www.synplicity.com/university1 and to access to the following valuable information on Synplicity and Synplicity's Software solutions:

  • Synplify Pro Demo, Training Materials, User Guide & Other Information
  • Free Synplicity Tools for instructors at accredited universities
  • Synplicity Application Notes
  • Synplicity Product Demos & Other Information
  • Synplicity Interships & Careers

(Instructors should visit the Instructor Page for this book to get more details on obtaining a free version of Synplify Pro for instructional use.)

ModelSim® Xilinx Edition III VHDL and Verilog Simulator

"ModelSim Xilinx Edition-III is the low cost version of the industry's most popular simulation environment

ModelSim XE-III (MXE-III) provides a complete HDL simulation environment that enables you to verify the functional and timing models of your design, and your HDL source code. MXE-III is optimized for use with all configurations of Xilinx ISE™ products."

For more information, click the link below:


    Verilog Tutorial

    For a comprehensive Verilog tutorial, the author recommends Dr. John Sanguinetti's site at http://vol.verilog.com/

      Source Code for HDL Models

      The source code for all of the example HDL models featured in the book is available here.

        Tutorials on the Use of EDA Tools for Design Projects

        Click the links below to access tutorials on the use of EDA tools for design projects.

        EDA Tutorials

          Reference Documents

          Available here is the Wishbone bus spec mentioned in the book, plus other public reference documents (added by the author as they become available).

            Assembler for the Gumnut Processor

            An assembler for the Gumnut Processor is available here.

              Supplementary Appendices

              Available here are supplementary appendices, including one on K-maps.


                An Errata Sheet will be posted here if it becomes necessary.


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