Mathematics For Neuroscientists, Gabbiani and Cox
MATLAB Code for Chapter figures and Exercises

Chap. 2, The Passive Isopotential Cell
Chap. 3, Differential Equations
Chap. 4, The Active Isopotential Cell
Chap. 5, The Quasi-Active Isopotential Cell
Chap. 6, The Passive Cable
Chap. 7, Fourier Series and Transforms
Chap. 8, The Passive Dendritic Tree
Chap. 9, The Active Dendritic Tree
Chap. 10, Reduced Single Neuron Models
Chap. 11, Probability and Random Variables
Chap. 12, Synaptic Transmission and Quantal Release
Chap. 13, Neuronal Calcium Signaling
Chap. 14, The Singular Value Decomposition and Applications
Chap. 15, Quantification of Spike Train Variability
Chap. 16, Stochastic Processes
Chap. 17, Membrane Noise
Chap. 18, Power and Cross-Spectra
Chap. 19, Natural Light Signals and Phototransduction
Chap. 21, Models of Simple and Complex Cells
Chap. 22, Stochastic Estimation Theory
Chap. 23, Reverse-Correlation and Spike Train Decoding
Chap. 24, Signal Detection Theory
Chap. 25, Relating Neuronal Responses and Psychophysics
Chap. 26, Population Codes
Chap. 27, Neuronal Networks