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Welcome to the website for Saltzer, Kaashoek: Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction.

Principles of Computer System Design

About this Web site

This Web site provides copies of some resources and links to other resources, all of which support the textbook Principles of Computer System Design by Saltzer & Kaashoek. The resources include:

  • Presentation on how this book fits into the computer science curriculum
  • Links to related materials at MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Link to the Web site used for the current teaching term at MIT
  • The full text of chapters 7-11 and related materials
  • A complete set of figures from the textbook in EPS, PPT, PDF
  • Links to related resources elsewhere on the Web
  • Links to course pages of other colleges and universities using the textbook

A separate instructors site, which requires registration, contains answers to the end-of-chapter exercises and solutions to the problem sets.

Presentation on Computer Science Curriculum

A slide presentation describing how a course that uses this textbook can fit into a computer science curriculum was given at the Thirteenth Workshop on Computer Architecture Education held in Boston in June 2006

MIT OpenCourseWare

The authors and MIT OpenCourseWare provide, free of charge, on-line versions of the following two resources:

Author-maintained Site

The author maintained site (http://ocw.mit.edu/Saltzer-Kaashoek) includes:

  • Complete frontmatter for Parts I and II (Table of Contents, List of sidebars, Preface, Acknowledgments, Computer System Design Principles)
  • Full text of chapters 7 through 11 in PDF (also available from this page, below)
  • Figures from chapters 7 through 11
  • Complete comprehensive index for chapters 1 through 11
  • Additional problem sets
  • Reading list
  • Glossary
  • Errata for Parts I and II

Snapshot of 6.033 Computer System Engineering (2009)

Additional teaching and support materials, including lecture videos/notes, are available at:


Current MIT Course Page

The MIT site for the current course using the textbook and archives of older teaching materials are available at:


Click the "Schedule" link to access additional links to readings, lecture notes, assignments, and lecture slides*.

*Slides are not available for all lectures.

(Some copyrighted or privacy-sensitive materials are restricted to current MIT students.)

Full Text of Chapters 7-11

Chapters 7 through 11 are available as PDF documents from the links below.

Images from Text

Figures and diagrams from the text are available in EPS, MS PowerPoint (PPT), and Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

  All Figures From The Text

  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3

  Chapter 4

  Chapter 5

  Chapter 6

  Chapters 7-11

(available online at http://ocw.mit.edu/Saltzer-Kaashoek)

Appendix A

Courses Using This Text

Links to courses that are using this text will be provided below as they become available.

If you would like more information on including your own course in this list, please contact Nate McFadden at n.mcfadden@elsevier.com.


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