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Welcome to the website for Holton, Hakim: An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology, 5th Editionth Edition.

An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology is a top-selling meteorological textbook that for decades has introduced readers to the study of atmospheric behavior and dynamics impacted by weather and climate. New and revised content in this edition arms you with the most up-to-date and relevant science available in a book. With an emphasis on the theory of synoptic scale motions, it includes discussions of mesoscale circulations such as fronts, mountain waves, and hurricanes.


  • The latest understanding of important circulation systems
  • MATLAB® exercises at the end of each chapter to aid comprehension of meteorological concepts
  • Appendices featuring a complete list of more than 100 principle meteorological symbols and standard atmospheric data

New to Fifth Edition:

  • Substantial updates to many chapters
  • Information on the most recent developments in predictability, data assimilation, and climate sensitivity
  • A fresh streamlined pedagogical approach to tropical meteorology, baroclinic development, and quasi-geostrophic theory
  • Aspects of synoptic meteorology provide improved links to observations

Multimedia websites, one for students and one password-protected for instructors, supplement this text with:

  • Solutions Manual for instructors
  • MATLAB codes for calculating and plotting idealized weather patterns
  • Image bank

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