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Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development clearly explains the fundamental principles of the drug discovery and development process from a multidisciplinary approach. This text is ideal for readers interested in a career in the pharmaceuticals industry or nonscientists seeking an understanding of how drugs reach the marketplace. This book explains the multifaceted process of identifying new therapeutic agents in the modern era and describes the input required from a host of experts such as medicinal chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, drug metabolism experts, toxicologists, and clinicians.

Given the wide range of disciplines and techniques required for cutting-edge drug discovery research, it is important that scientists have a mastery of not only their own field, but also an understanding of their collaborators’ fields. In order to provide readers with an understanding of a wide range of fields, this book describes enabling technologies for a variety of disciplines that are critical to the process. High throughput screening, structure-based drug design, molecular modeling, pharmaceutical profiling, translational medicine, and many other scientific methods that have become critical to the successful development of marketable therapeutics are described.

Beginning with an historical overview of drug discovery, this book educates the reader about important drug targets by class, in vitro screening methods, medicinal chemistry strategies in drug design, principles in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, animal models of disease states, clinical trial basics, and selected business aspects of the drug discovery process.

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