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About the Editors

Michael D. Breed After receiving his PhD from the University of Kansas in 1977, he went to Colorado to work as a faculty member at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he has been ever since.  Dr Breed is currently a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and teaches courses in general biology, animal behavior, insect biology, and tropical biology.  His research program focuses on the behavior and ecology of social insects, and he has worked on ants, bees, and wasps. Dr Breed has studied the nestmate recognition, the genetics of colony defense, the behavior of defensive bees, and communication during colony defense.  He was Executive Editor of Animal Behaviour from 2006-2009.

As an undergraduate, Dr Janice Moore was inspired by parasitologist Clark P. Read to think about the ecology and evolution of parasites in new ways.  She was especially excited to learn that parasites affected animal behavior, another favorite subject area.  Most biologists outside the world of parasitology were not interested in parasites; they were relegated to a nether world someplace between the biology of free-living organisms and medicine.  After peregrination through more than one graduate program, Dr Moore completed her PhD studying parasites and behavior at the University of New Mexico.  She did postdoctoral work on parasite community ecology with Dan Simberloff at Florida State University, and then accepted a faculty position at Colorado State University, where she has remained since 1983.  Dr Moore is currently a Professor in the Department of Biology where she teaches courses in invertebrate zoology, animal behavior, and history of medicine.  She studies a variety of aspects of parasite ecology and host behavior ranging from behavioral fever and transmission behavior to the ecology of introduced parasite species.