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Welcome to the website for Wolf, M: Computers as Components: 4e.

This site contains supplemental materials and other resources to accompany Computes as Components 4e. Below are descriptions of the content available on this site. To access the content, please click the tabs in the navigation bar to the left.

  • Supplements for the Third Edition. If you are using the Third Edition, you can access the supplements for that edition by following these links.
  • Lecture Slides. Lecture Slides in PowerPoint format can be downloaded for individual chapters here.
  • Figures from the Text. Figures from the text in PDF and PPT formats are available for each chapter and can be downloaded here.
  • Links to the Author’s Web Site and YouTube Channel. Access to the author’s personal Web page for this book, as well as the author’s YouTube Channel, can be accessed here. The author’s YouTube Channel includes videos on embedded systems and cyber-physical systems related to content in Computers as Components.
  • Errata. Errata for the Fourth Edition will be posted here when it becomes available.