Television and Screen Writing, Fourth Edition
Richard A. Blum
ISBN: 0240803973
Appendix E
Selected Internet Resources for Screenwriters and Television Writers

The following Internet Websites are particularly useful for screenwriters and television writers. These were the correct addresses at the time of publication. Given the dynamic nature of computers and Websites, some may change.

Done Deal,
This Website lets you stay on top of valuable and current marketing information, including current loglines for script and pitches sold. It also highlights names of production companies, agents and managers, screenwriting contests, screenwriting links, software reviews, as well as done deals for television (DDTV), and much more. It also has accessible archives to find historical information

This is an international copyright registration service that permits you to register your screenplay at any stage of development, from a synopsis to final draft. There is a small $8 fee that enables you to register your material as you create it. Registrations are stored for 10 years. Firstuse indicates that the process is an important precursor to copyright registration because it is ongoing verification of work in development. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences endorses it.

Movie Bytes,
This is an excellent resource. It lists who’s buying what in the film script marketplace, and has the most comprehensive information on contests. MovieBytes lists all the screenwriting contests with a full range of information, including highlights of the guidelines, prizes offered, and deadlines for submissions. MovieBytes also offers a free e-mail newsletter for contest deadline reminders, contest news, screenplay marketing opportunities, and much more.

In Hollywood.Com, is your online link to the motion picture industry’s ever-changing development and production landscape. As a subscriber, you get access to their broad range of professional research databases covering the worlds of film development, production, releasing, contacts, box office, and news. It offers a free trial run and has the latest information. It analyzes spec script sales by genre, by source material, and by studio. It also updates The Literary Report.

Hollywood Literary Sales, Black and Blu Entertainment, and Steve Tisch Company,
This is the new Hollywood literary sales website. A very professional site that gives you unusual access to producers seeking material, including Steve Tisch Company. It also has powerful industry links that track everything in the industry, and has a contest database.

The Hollywood Network,
This site includes writing tips, screenwriting awards, directories, festivals, and insiders’ advice. It links to different online trade magazines, so you can read interviews with writers.

Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting,
This is the Website for the prestigious Nicholl Fellowships at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Foundation.

This is another intellectual property protection system for writers, which was developed by the National Creative Registry. It permits protection for outlines, treatments, and rock drafts from any word processing system. Your work is immediately encrypted and long-term storage that only you can access is established. You receive a courtesy e-mail with your confidential registration number and a completion date of the original material. They charge $18.95 for a 10-year registration.

Screenwriter Online,
You can register for free and register for master classes with industry professionals. It provides access to top Hollywood people, even if you don’t live in L.A.

SCRNWRit Links Page,
This has all the links to important screenwriting contests, magazines and newspapers, festivals and workshops, screenwriting books, screenplays, software, online writers’ services, production companies, individuals, script consultants and the Writers Guilds, and a cinematic miscellaneous list.

Screenwriter’s Utopia,
This Website contains the latest screenwriting news and interviews.

Screenwriters/Playwrights Page,
The Screenwriters home page contains many useful and helpful career-starting links.

The Writers Guild of America,
This is an exceptional and professional Website. From there, you can get the latest WGA news, registration services, list of agents, many research links, script registration service, Written By, Online Mentor Service and FAQ, animation writers’ online database, sample contracts, and much more. You can read many insightful interviews with professional writers.

The U.S. Copyright Office,
Get copyright information online about copyrighting your work