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Welcome to the website for Smith, Inomata, Peters: Introduction to Supercritical Fluids: A Spreadsheet-based Approach.

The text makes extensive use of MicrosoftTM Excel spreadsheets or workbooks with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) so that calculation results can be quickly seen and so that new ideas can be readily probed.  The Excel spreadsheets used in the text do not require any special knowledge of programming and the spreadsheets do not require installation of proprietary add-ins/add-ons/DLLs.  However, Excel Macros will need to be enabled in the Excel worksheet for the spreadsheets to work.  Many results can be seen almost immediately with pre-made graphs. All of the VBA code used in the spreadsheets can be viewed and modified or corrected.  A few pointers and hints for using VBA code are given in the text of the book and in the Appendix.

The 3D Grapher files show three-dimensional phase diagrams of pure and binary substances.  The files require additional software that has to be installed by the user.  The link is given in the book, see the text for instructions.

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