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Welcome to the website for Hallett, Clark-Lowes: Petroleum Geology of Libya, 2nd Edition.

A current, detailed assessment of Libyan petroleum geology and exploration opportunities, featuring a wealth of new material on petroleum systems, reserves and oil and gas fields and incorporating the results of much recent research, particularly in the Libyan offshore


  • Presents over 180 full colour illustrations including maps, diagrams and charts, illustrating the key concepts in a clear and concise manner
  • Authored by two recognized world authorities on geology in Libya, with over 40 years’ experience in Libya between them
  • Provides an expanded and updated version of the bestselling previous edition, nicknamed the Explorationist’s Bible
  • Lays the foundation for the post-revolution exploration age in Libya

Petroleum Geology of Libya, Second Edition, systematically reviews the exploration history, plate tectonics, structural evolution, stratigraphy, geochemistry and petroleum systems of Libya, and includes valuable new chapters on oil and gas fields, production and reserves. Since the previous edition, published in 2002, there have been numerous developments in Libya, including the lifting of sanctions, a new licensing system, with licensing rounds in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, many new exploratory wells, discoveries and field developments, and a change of regime.

A large amount of new data has been published on the geology of Libya in the past fourteen years, but it is widely scattered through the literature. Much of the older data has been superseded, and several of the key publications, especially those published in Libya, are difficult to access. This second edition provides an updated source of reference which incorporates much new information, particularly on petroleum systems, reserves, oil and gas fields, play fairways and remaining potential. It presents the results of recent research and a detailed description of Libyan offshore geology. The book includes an extensive and comprehensive bibliography.

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