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Petroleum Production Engineering, A Computer-Assisted Approach

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The advances in the digital computing technology in the last decade have revolutionized the petroleum industry.Using the modern computer technologies, today's petroleum production engineers work much more efficiently thanever before in their daily activities including analyzing and optimizing the performance of their existingproduction systems and designing new production systems. During the several years of teaching the productionengineering courses in academia and in the industry, the authors realized that there is a need for a completeset of computer programs to company a book that reflects the current practice of what the modern productionengineers do. The computer programs that you will download from this Website were developed to associate thebook "Petroleum Production Engineering, A Computer-Assisted Approach." Combination of the book and the computerprograms provides a perfect tool kit to petroleum production engineers for performing their daily work in a mostefficient manner. All the computer programs were written in the form of spreadsheet in MS Excel that is availablein most computer platforms in the petroleum industry. These spreadsheets are accurate and very easy to use.Although the U.S. field units are used in the companion book, options of using U.S. field units and SI units areprovided in the spreadsheet programs. Enjoy your work with the handy tool kit!

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