Comprehensive Chemometrics: Chemical and Biochemical Data Analysis
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Comprehensive Chemometrics See inside this online-only reference work!
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Experience the benefits of Comprehensive Chemometrics online—only on ScienceDirect

  • 83% of librarians recently surveyed said they would prefer online reference works over printed versions
  • 85% of researchers surveyed said their library is either “overdue—or ready” for online reference works

Results based upon responses from recent Elsevier survey to 300 librarians/500 end users

This incredible demand has fueled the evolution to online delivery of this and other reference works from Elsevier . . . and here’s why:

Comprehensive Chemometrics on ScienceDirect provides the online benefits today’s librarians and researchers want—without sacrificing the benefits of having the most comprehensive, authoritative content they need. Written, reviewed, and edited by renowned contributors to the field, this new reference work is delivered in print AND ONLINE to meet the evolving needs of today’s librarians and researchers . . .

Imagine the benefits at every stage of the research workflow—far beyond the benefits associated with acquiring or using printed works alone:

For Librarians: lower cost, more likely to be used by patrons

  • Authoritative content that is edited and reviewed
  • Lower acquisition cost, with:
    • No recurring operational/handling costs
    • Attractive discounts on subject collections and special packages
  • Higher usage per chapter by patrons, with:
    • Multi-user, 24/7 access
    • Easy-to-navigate discoverability via ScienceDirect

For Researchers: quality time spent researching with quality content

  • The ideal starting point for primary research, with instant links to related book and journal content you need—when you need it—and nothing more
  • Anytime, anywhere availability for any number of researchers simultaneously
  • 24/7 accessibility—in the library or remotely
  • Easy-to-navigate browse and search capability
  • Tools to personalize the research workflow and increase productivity, e.g., Title/Topic/Citation Alerts, Favorites, Top 25 Articles by Subject, and Quick Links

Online Reference Works: A Smart Investment for Librarians and Researchers Alike

  • The library’s return on investment in content becomes more valuable than ever when patrons find and use the content provided by the library more efficiently and more frequently than is possible with printed reference works
  • Researchers’ investment of quality time spent with quality content becomes more valuable when they find exactly what they need—when they need it, in one easy to navigate online environment

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