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Welcome to the website for Dumas, Loring: Moderating Usability Tests: Principles and Practices for Interacting.

Moderating Usability Tests

About This Companion Site

This companion site features a number of short role-playing videos that accompany Moderating Usability Tests.The videos were filmed in the Bentley College Design and Usability Center laboratory, and were carefully scripted to illustrate the points made in the book. Some of the clips show both good and not-so-good moderating practices.

Chapter 11 provides a key to the videos and suggests how to get the most value from them.

In addition to the role-playing videos, the authors filmed a discussion by a panel of usability experts. The experts give their opinions about what they see in the videos and discuss the trade-offs that you might consider in each situation.

Role-Playing Videos

Video 1: Pre-test briefing with a checklist

Video 2: Pre-test briefing following a script

Video 3: Interacting during the session (1)

Video 4: Interacting during the session (2)

Video 5: Interacting in a remote testing session

Video 6: Post-test interview

Discussion Panel Videos

Introduction to the authors and the expert panel

Expert panel's reaction to the pre-test briefing videos

Expert panel's reaction to the interacting during the session (1)

Expert panel's reaction to the interacting during the session (2)

Expert panel's reaction to the remote testing session video

Expert panel's reaction to the post-test video

Screening Questions

  • Screening_Questions.pdf

  • Chapter 5_Understanding Your Particpation in this Study

  • Chapter 5_Understanding_Your_Participation_in_this_Study.pdf

  • Checklist for Pretest Briefing

  • Checklist_for_Pretest_Briefing.pdf

  • Self-Administered Questionnaire Example

  • Self-Administered_Questionnaire_Example.pdf

  • Post-Session Interview Example

  • Post-Session_Interview_Example.pdf

  • Chapter 8_Understanding Your Participation in this Study

  • Chapter 8_Understanding_Your_Participation_in_this_Study.pdf

  • Electronic Consent Agreement

  • Electronic_Consent Agreement.pdf

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