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Welcome to the website for Arfken, Weber: Mathematical Methods for Physicists: A Comprehensive Guide, 7th Edition.

Mathematical Methods for Physicists

About this instructor site

Welcome to the companion site for Mathematical Methods for Physicists, Seventh Edition. We have provided the following additional chapters:

  • A new chapter (designated 31) on Periodic Systems, dealing with mathematical topics associated with lattice summations and band theory.
    Periodic Systems

  • A chapter (32) on Mathieu functions, built using material from two chapters in the sixth edition, but expanded into a single coherent presentation.
    Mathieu Functions

  • A chapter (33) on Chaos, modeled after Chapter 18 of the sixth edition but carefully edited.
    Nonlinear Methods and Chaos

  • A chapter (1) on Infinite Series that was built by collection of suitable topics from various places in the seventh edition text. This alternate Chapter 1 contains no material not already in the seventh edition but its subject matter has been packaged into a separate unit to meet the demands of instructors who wish to begin their course with a detailed study of Infinite Series in place of the new Mathematical Preliminaries chapter.
    Infinite Series


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