Elsevier · Lin, H: Hydropedology, 1st Edition · Editor Biography

Editor Biography

Henry Lin is a Professor of Hydropedology/Soil Hydrology in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at The Pennsylvania State University, USA. He has been active in hydropedology research and education since 2001 and has served as the founding chair of the Hydropedology Working Group of the Soil Science Society of America and of the International Union of Soil Sciences. He organized and chaired the First International Conference on Hydropedology in 2008. He has published over 100 papers and edited six special issues of various scientific journals related to hydropedology. His research interests include fundamental understanding and practical applications of integrated soil and water sciences, soil architecture and preferential flow across scales, complex systems view of soil formation and soil functions, and the holistic understanding of the Earth’s Critical Zone.