Elsevier · Michelson, A: Platelets, 3rd Edition · Endorsements


Review of the Third Edition:
“One might well question the value of a doorstopper-sized textbook in this era of instant Internet access to all variety of even the most arcane information.  A notable exception, however, is the third edition of Michelson’s Platelets.  The surprising complexity of these anucleate cells and their diverse and ever enlarging roles in physiology and disease has attracted a large cadre of interdisciplinary researchers focused on various aspects of these roles.  Having at ready hand a readable, authoritative, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated and cross-referenced volume makes for easy access to important information required by these researchers – both established senior investigators and their students.”

-- Thomas P Stossel, MD, American Cancer Society Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School Director, Translational Medicine Unit and center for Medical Innovation Senior Physician, Hematology Division Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

Reviews of Previous Editions:
Best Book in Medical Science Award —American Association of Publishers

“Landmark…a useful, comprehensive reference.” —New England Journal of Medicine

“Belongs on the bookshelf of every clinician who assesses patients with platelet disorders.” —The Lancet

"...the book is a clearly written, concise, and comprehensive discussion of platelets and their disorders that will be useful to anyone whose professional activity involves these important little cells."

"This is a fantastic resource for anyone who treats patients with platelets disorders or is engaged in platelet or megakaryocyte-based research."
-  British Journal of Haematology