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About this Book

Book Description

Mass Production of Beneficial Organisms explores the newest technologies for large-scale rearing and manipulation of natural enemies while looking at ways of improving the success rate and predictability of biological control procedures and demonstrating their effectiveness and safety.  Section I: Parasitoids and Predators examines the state of the art on beneficial arthropod mass production and its future challenges. Section II: Pathogens explores in detail the newest technologies on the mass production of insect pathogens. Section III: Invertebrates for Other Applications presents new opportunities for the science of invertebrate production to the path of commercial application.

The book’s companion site features the following spreadsheets:

The Generic Life Table is intended to be downloaded used to input data as a calculator.

Case 1-Nezara viridula, Case 2-Hypothenemus hampei, Case 3-CBB parasitoids, and Case 4-Perillis bioculatus are meant as case examples and include data discussed within the chapter.