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Welcome to the website for Willis, Homeister, Stone: Cellular and Molecular Pathobiology of Cardiovascular Disease.

The field of cardiovascular pathology has seen remarkable advances in the past 12 years, with valuable contributions coming from a diverse array of disciplines including molecular biology, biochemistry, metabolism, cell biology, pharmacology, and translational medicine, to name a few. Synthesizing these diverse and exciting findings with ongoing advances in the field of cardiovascular pathology is an increasing challenge. This has proven particularly true as we teach advanced cardiovascular pathology topics in medical schools to an array of medical professionals. Finding up-to-date materials to teach graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, practicing scientists in parallel with our medical colleagues at all stages of training in multiple specialties in pathology and internal medicine is challenging.

This book covers a unique array of topics that are of interest to a broad biomedical sciences audience, including physicians, scientists, and the many specialized trainees in these fields. We are grateful for the participation of the many outstanding experts that have generously contributed to this book and hope that you find it to be a uniquely useful and valuable resource for the clinical practice and science of the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease.