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Welcome to the website for Tulchinsky, Varavikova: The New Public Health, 3rd Edition.

The New Public Health

About the Authors/Contacts

About this companion site

* Third Edition: Dedication, Foreword, and Preface to the Third Edition

*Online Chapters: Exclusive online content, including abstracts and further reading for every chapter, and a web-only chapter.

*Images:  Includes high quality images from the book, in jpeg and PowerPoint format.

*Video:  A bonus video by author Ted Tulchinsky on the importance of stroke prevention.

* Case Studies: Examples of public health breakthroughs as pioneered by one or more outstanding individuals, which have and will have enormous implications for better survival and health for billions of people on earth. These cases are selected to show important relationships to current issues which have not been addressed with the full potential of the innovations.

* Translations: The first edition of The New Public Health has been translated into Russian, Bulgarian, Moldovan, Romanian, Uzbek, Mongolian and Albanian. It has become the standard text in many countries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union as well as widely used in North America and Europe.

* Links to Web Pages: These provide teachers and students with additional ready access to key websites for continuous updating of material for study and research.

The following resources are also available to course instructors here

* The Instructors' Guide: Provides a list of major topics in each chapter with additional readings and key questions for students.

* Presentations: PowerPoint lectures by the authors on topics related to the chapters which are mostly already posted on public domain Supercourse. The presentations provide useful teaching material for introductory and overview courses to new students of public health.