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Learning and Study Aids

Drawing Supplements

  • Free-hand Engineering Sketching. This document includes detailed instructions on free-hand engineering sketching. The material in this document complements and expands Section 2.2 in the textbook. It includes a brief discussion on the theory of orthographic projection; examples of orthographic sketches; discussion and examples of isometric and oblique pictorial sketches; a discussion on the major types of sectional views and examples; and a discussion with examples on the basics of dimensioning.

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  • AutoCAD Introduction. This document provides an introduction to the free AutoCAD drawing software. It includes instructions on how to download the free software and how to use it to create basic engineering multi-view drawings. This material significantly expands section 2.2 of the textbook.

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  • Design Projects. This document includes new freshman level design projects that complement the "Hands-On" part of the textbook.

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