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Welcome to the website for Stoller, Ochando-Pulido : The Boundary Flux Handbook: A Comprehensive Database of Critical and Threshold Flux Values for Membrane Practitioners.

The Boundary Flux Handbook summarizes over 100 chemical compounds (single compounds, in mixed solution) and different feed streams from industry (complex streams exiting the agricultural, biological, pharmaceutical, food, dye, textile, and other industries) and the respective critical and threshold fluxes (or boundary flux), together with data on rejection and permeabilities. It gives the reader valuable data to quickly estimate membrane performances in respect to productivity, selectivity, and longevity, and aids in estimating capital and operating costs of membrane processes during the plant design operations.

The book is valuable for scientific researchers and chemical engineers working with membrane technology as a reference for lab work, membrane process design, and control. For each specific feedstock, only the best performing membranes are listed. At least one commercial membrane module and a maximum of four different choices are reported, in order to assure easy integration of the proposed membranes into the systems by contacting the relevant commercial partner, and to define the best choice of the pretreatment steps, permitting quick membrane process optimization or revamping operations.

The index is:

  • About The Editors
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Boundary Flux
  • Critical And Threshold Fluxes
  • Merging Both Concepts Into One: The Boundary Flux
  • Parameters Affecting The Boundary Flux Values
  • The Boundary Flux Model
  • Measurement Of The Model Input Parameters
  • Process Control
  • Design And Optimization Guidelines Of Continuous Membrane Processes
  • Design And Optimization Guidelines Of Batch Membrane Processes
  • The Boundary Flux Database

If you wish to report new or improved data of a specific feedstock and membrane system to be included in a next update of this Handbook, please contact the Author Marco Stoller (marco.stoller@uniroma1.it)

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