Elsevier · Yackinous, W: Understanding Complex Ecosystem Dynamics · Dynamics Model File Download

Dynamics Model File Download

  1. Master m-file programming code (Master_m-file.m)
  2. Analysis m-file programming code (Analysis_m-file.m)
  3. Graphics m-file programming code (Graphics_m-file.m)
  4. Glossary (Glossary.doc)

The three MATLAB m-files comprise the ecosystem dynamics model software. In each of these m-files, manageable groupings of programming code called MATLAB program cells are utilized. Additionally, each of the m-files is heavily commented to describe and document the software. (Comment lines begin with the “%” character.)

The glossary of program variables includes a set of naming conventions for the program variables and a definition for each of the more than one hundred variables used in the dynamics model software.