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About this Book

Given DNA data and possibly additional information like age on a number of individuals, we may ask the question: "How are these people related"? This book presents methods and freely available software to address this problem emphasizing statistical methods and implementation. Relationship estimation is crucial in many applications and not restricted to human applications. In fact, the last of four motivating examples of the first chapter is a “paternity case for wine lovers” involving the relationship between Chardonnay, Pinot, and Gouais blanc. Variations of classical paternity cases remain central. Recent developments designed to deal with e.g.  large, possibly inbred, families, mutations and missing data caused by degraded DNA are discussed. Identification of victims of disasters using DNA profiles of presumed relatives is handled using essentially the same framework. The Familias program is one of the most widely used tools. The book presents this program and more recently developed software as FamLink and FamLinkX.