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Author Biography

Victor Alessandrini  

After obtaining a PhD in theoretical physics in Argentina – where he was born – he spent several years as visiting scientist, working in theoretical particle physics in different research laboratories in the USA and Europe, in particular at the CERN theory division.  In 1978, he was appointed full professor at the University of Paris XI in Orsay, France. His basic interests shifted to computational sciences in the early 90’s, and he was at this time the founding director of IDRIS supercomputing center in Orsay, which he directed until 2009. In 2004-2009, he coordinated the DEISA European supercomputing infrastructure, a consortium of national supercomputing centers that pioneered the deployment of high performance computing services au the continental scale. He is currently emeritus research director at “Maison de la Simulation”, a CEA-CNRS-INRIA-University research laboratory providing high level support to HPC. He was decorated in 2011 “Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite” by the French Republic.