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About the Author

Michael W. Streed, Police Sergeant (Ret.), I.A.I. Certified Forensic Artist

Michael W. Streed is an internationally-recognized police sketch artist based in Southern California.  For 36 years he has blended his rich law enforcement experience and artistic skills to provide forensic facial imaging services to some of the largest, most diverse, police agencies in the United States, including the Los Angeles and Baltimore City Police Departments. During his distinguished law enforcement career Michael investigated a variety of violent crimes, sexual assaults and juvenile-related crime. This helped him develop highly-specialized interview skills which he adapted for his role as a police sketch artist.  Michael’s unique perspective on eyewitnesses, coupled with his superior communication skills made him one of Southern California’s most sought after police sketch artists. This led him to successfully develop police sketches for many high-profile cases such as: the Samantha Runnion murder, the Anthony Martinez murder, the Baton Rouge serial killer, and Orange County’s (CA) Fortune Teller murder.

Michael has long been recognized for his contributions to law enforcement through his use of forensic art. He has received several prestigious awards, including: the Orange Police Department Award of Merit, United States Congressional Certificate of Recognition, The American Legion Award and a nomination for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Medal of Valor. Many of his cases have been profiled on such shows as: ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. He has also been profiled in several major newspapers and has been interviewed on: CNN with Connie Chung, Fox News Channel, ABC’s 20/20 with Barbara Walters and ID Discovery’s show “Wicked Attraction: Bad Fortune.” Michael is also a noted author and popular lecturer on the subject of facial imaging/identification and true crime.

Michael recognized law enforcement’s need for a digital composite imaging solution.  He created SketchCop FACETTE Face Design System and Frontalis Facial Composite System, innovative software programs that helps law enforcement personnel create high-quality digital composite images. Michael also trains law enforcement personnel and forensic science students in the use of the software.