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Welcome to the website for Cerda, Ferrer, Avivar, Cerda: Flow Analysis: A Practical Guide reviews flow techniques for automating chemical analysis, with the goal of increasing efficiency and producing better analytical results. This book provides useful tips for constructing your own flow systems in the lab and reviews applications for use in a variety of scientific fields including drug determination and pharmaceutical science, agriculture, life science, radioactive chemistry, and, especially, environmental analysis. Flow Analysis is a valuable resource for young scientists or graduate-level students who want to learn how to introduce flow techniques into their experiments and for experts who need specific and technical details to develop complete experimental systems.

Key features:

  • Describes the theoretical and technical basis of the most important flow techniques
  • Focuses on new trends in the field such as using flow techniques for radioactivity and environmental applications
  • Includes instructions for coupling different types of detectors online with flow systems
  • Provides a practical overview of the design and construction of flow system components

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