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Introduction to the Modeling for Marine Ecosystems
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Welcome to the Companion Website for Introduction to the Modeling for Marine Ecosystems, Second Edition!

Introduction to the Modeling of Marine Ecosystems, Second Edition provides step-by-step processes for modeling the complex relationships that exist in real-world marine ecosystems. This essential book provides foundational information on the construction of chemical and biological models, from simple cases to more complex biogeochemical models and life cycle resolving model components. Introduction to the Modeling of Marine Ecosystems utilizes a step-by-step approach of increasing the complexity of the models to allow readers to explore the theoretical framework and become familiar with the models, even with limited experience in mathematical modeling.The text also shows how biological model components can be integrated into three dimensional circulation models and how these models can be used for numerical experiments. Researchers working in or beginning work in the field of ecosystem modeling, marine ecology, and environmental prediction will find this a valuable and engaging treatise on marine ecosystem modeling.

Key Features

  • Covers the marine food web from nutrients, phytoplankton to higher trophic levels
  • Presents information on the response of marine systems to external pressures as seen in physical biological models
  • Provides an extended discussion of unifying theoretical concepts and of physical biological interaction
  • Covers higher trophic levels, in particular multi-species fish models and their interaction with the biogeochemical models
  • Offers MATLAB scripts on a companion website for many of the described example models to facilitate reproduction of the findings in the book and guide reader to writing own code