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About this Book

An essential professional reference for engineers, biomedical technologists and life scientists, this book provides a practical and scientific guide to applying the techniques of microfluidics and bioMEMS to cell, tissue and organ culture techniques and devices.

The fields of microfluidics and BioMEMS are significantly impacting cell biology research and applications through the application of engineering solutions to human disease and health problems. The dimensions of microfluidic constructs are well suited to the physical scale of the cellular microenvironment, and the many advantages of microfluidics make it an attractive platform for new techniques in bioengineering research.

Internationally recognized experts provide a thoroughly practical guide to the principles of microfluidic device design and operation and their application to cell culture techniques and organ mimetic constructs. The resulting book presents many strategies and techniques that can be readily deployed in the lab. This translational knowledge can be used in many applications, including the acceleration of pharmaceuticals research and validation of new drug models. Equally, the insights into cell culture applications will provide those involved in traditional microfluidics and BioMEMS with an understanding of the specific demands and opportunities presented by a broad range of commercial applications.

  • Provides insights into the design and development of microfluidic systems with a specific focus on cell culture applications.
  • Focuses on strategies and techniques for the design and fabrication of microfluidic systems and devices for cell culture.
  • Provides balanced coverage of microfluidic systems and their application to problems in pharmaceuticals research and development.