Encyclopedia of Neuroscience
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Encyclopedia of Neuroscience

  • Double the size of any other Neuroscience encyclopedia, its breadth and depth of content and excellent full search functionality appeals to undergraduates, professional, and academics alike
  • Contains 10 volumes, amassing content from more than 2400 experts worldwide, covering all major areas of neuroscience and psychology
  • Structured for success, each article contains an introduction, a reference section, a glossary and a wealth of cross-references linking to premium related journal and book content

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ISBN: 9780080446172

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This reference work is available as a limited print edition and online via ScienceDirect

The online version of this reference work provides the breadth and depth of content Elsevier is known for and also offers a great deal more when it comes to flexibility, accessibility, and most importantly, usability.

24 hour access, multi-user access, remote access and excellent search functionality allows users to find exactly what they need, exactly when they need it, making complicated, time consuming research a thing of the past.  The benefits include:
  • Fast and Easy Navigation
  • Browse the whole work by volume, authors or article titles
  • Full and extensive subject index can be searched or browsed online, and takes you directly to the indexed paragraph, section, figure or table
  • Basic and advanced search functionality across the entire work or by specific volume
  • Users can build, save and re-run searches, as well as combine saved searches
  • Extensive internal cross-referencing and dynamic linking to journal articles and abstract databases, increasing the scope of your research rapidly and effectively
  • All articles available as full-text HTML files, or as PDF files that can be viewed, downloaded or printed in their original format

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