Elsevier: Fitts, C: Groundwater Science, 2nd Edition - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

  • Video of simulation of advection and dispersion through a heterogeneous media. Figure 11.35 is a still shot of the end of this simulation: DispersionHighRes_Igor.avi (courtesy of Dr. Igor Jankovic, University at Buffalo).  The simulation is described in this paper: Jankovic, I., A.Fiori, and G. Dagan. 2003. Flow and transport in highly heterogeneous formations: 3. Numerical simulations and comparison with theoretical results. Water Resources Research, 39(9), 1270, doi:10.1029/2002WR001721
  • Time-lapse video of solute transport tank experiment in sand with clay lenses and diffusion-limited transport (discussed in section 11.7.1): back_diffusion.wmv (courtesy of Dr. Tom Sale and Lee Ann Donor, Colorado State University).