Elsevier: Fitts, C: Groundwater Science, 2nd Edition - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  • Video animation showing the geometry of the fresh water lens under the outer part of Cape Cod: pamet_cross_section.avi (courtesy of Dr. Charlie McLane, McLane Environmental, LLC)
  • Video of a numerical model of a cross section through the coastal dune aquifer near Amsterdam, Netherlands.  The simulation shows transient variable density flow and the fresh/salt interface responding to pumping of shallow wells: AmsterdamDunes.avi (courtesy of Dr. Theo Olsthoorn, Delft University of Technology).
    From the presentation: Olsthoorn, T.N. (2010) Upconing and related downstream long-term salinization and head phenomena in the Amsterdam Water Supply dunes. Proceedings of SWIM21, 21st Salt Water Intrusion Meeting. Azores, Portugal, June 21-26 2010.  p199.)