Elsevier · Patterson, Hennessy: Computer Organization and Design, 5th Edition · MIPS SDE-Lite


MIPS® SDE (Software Development Environment) is a cross-development system for MIPS architecture processors. It produces loadable/rommable code for a variety of MIPS-based platforms and also simulator platforms. It is intended for building and debugging statically-linked applications to run in embedded environments on "bare-metal" CPUs or light-weight operating systems.

MIPS® SDE-Lite is a free version of MIPS® SDE; the difference is (a) you don't get re-usable source code for the proprietary libraries, and (b) you don't get user support from MIPS Technologies, Inc. You can get these extras by purchasing a full copy from MIPS Technologies.

You can download MIPS® SDE-Lite here:

You can download additional software from the MIPS Technologies website.