Elsevier · Robeva: Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology · Chapters


Chapter 01: Graph Theory for Systems Biology: Interval graphs, motifs, and patterns recognition

John R. Jungck and Rama Viswanathan

Chapter 02: Food Webs and Graphs

Margaret (Midge) Cozzens

Chapter 03: Adaptation and Fitness Graphs

Kristina Crona and Emilie Wiesner

Chapter 04: Signaling Networks: Asynchronous Boolean models

Réka Albert and Raina Robeva

Chapter 05: Dynamics of Complex Boolean Networks: Canalization, stability, and criticality

Qijun He, Matthew Macauley and Robin Davies

Chapter 06: Steady State Analysis of Boolean Models: A dimension reduction approach

Alan Veliz-Cuba and David Murrugarra

Chapter 07: BioModel Engineering with Petri Nets

Mary Ann Blätke, Monika Heiner and Wolfgang Marwan

Chapter 08: Transmission of Infectious Diseases: Data, models, and simulations

Winfried Just, Hannah Callender, M. Drew LaMar and Natalia Toporikova

Chapter 09: Disease Transmission Dynamics on Networks: Network structure versus disease dynamics

Winfried Just, Hannah Callender and M. Drew LaMar

Chapter 10: Predicting Correlated Responses in Quantitative Traits Under Selection: A linear algebra approach

Janet Steven and Bessie Kirkwood

Chapter 11: Metabolic Analysis: Algebraic and geometric methods

Terrell L. Hodge, Blair R. Szymczyna and Todd J. Barkman

Chapter 12: Reconstructing the Phylogeny: Computational methods

Grady Weyenberg and Ruriko Yoshida

Chapter 13: RNA Secondary Structures: Combinatorial models and folding algorithms

Qijun He, Matthew Macauley and Robin Davies

Chapter 14: RNA Secondary Structures: An approach through pseudoknots and fatgraphs

Christian M. Reidys