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Initiatives for Lands, Lives, Peace

Contact information for Initiatives for Lands, Lives, Peace, which serves to bring together practitioners in the areas of land restoration and security

  • About ILLP: The international Initiative for Land Lives and Peace (ILLP) emerged from the Caux Forum on Human Security, convened by Ambassador Mohammed Sahnoun, and has, since 2010, looked deeply into land degradation as a root cause of conflict globally. The Initiative has formed a group with a uniquely diverse skill sets in the domains of land regeneration, human development, security, and the military. In a transdisciplinary dialogue, this group has studied and discussed the interlinkages between land degradation and social instability, migration, and insecurity with a view to defining practical, upstream interventions to stabilize some of the most instable regions on this planet, often pushed hard by increasingly erratic weather caused by climate change. ILLP is focusing these efforts on the world’s dryland regions, and in particular on those that stretch across the Sahel from Senegal to the Horn of Africa and thence down through Kenya.

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