Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry III
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Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry III
A Review of the Literature 1995-2007
15-Volume Set

Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry III (CHEC-III) is a new 15-volume reference work which provides the first point of entry to the literature for all scientists interested in heterocyclic ring systems. Since publishing in 1984, Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry (CHEC) has become the standard work on the subject, indispensable to all serious readers in the interdisciplinary areas where heterocycles are employed. CHEC-III builds on and complements the material in CHEC and CHEC-II and is designed to be used in conjunction with these two works. Written by leading scientists who have evaluated and summarized the most important data published over the last decade, Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry III will be an invaluable addition to the reference library of those working with heterocyclic ring systems.


For academic, industrial, and government scientists working in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, medicinal, and natural product research, together with teachers and advanced students interested in the formation and transformation of heterocyclic ring systems.

Key Features:

  • Reviews advances in the properties, structure, synthesis, reactivity, and applications of the most important heterocyclic ring systems
  • Logical organization first by size of ring formed and then by number of heteroatoms in the ring makes the work easy to navigate
  • Contains over 250 specialist reviews, logically organized by size and heteroatom content of the heterocyclic ring
  • Each article has been peer-reviewed to ensure accuracy, comprehensiveness, and up-to-date content
  • Also available online via ScienceDirect with fast and easy navigation, browse and search functionality, and dynamic linking.

March 2008, hardback, c. 14,600 pp., ISBN: 9780080449913
Print List Price: $9550/£5462/€7920/A$12,100(GST Inclusive)

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1.01 Aziridines and Azirines: Monocyclic
3.06 Furans and Their Benzo Derivatives: Reactivity
5.18 Oxatriazoles
6.02 Pyridines and Their Benzo Derivatives: Reactivity at the Ring
8.08 1,3,4-Oxadiazines and 1,3,4-Thiadiazines
9.14 Bicyclic 5-6 Systems: Six and Seven Heteroatoms
10.10 Bicyclic 5-6 systems with One bridgehead (Ring Junction) Nitrogen Atom: One Extra Heteroatom 1:0
11.01 Bicyclic 6-6 Systems with One Bridgehead (Ring Junction) Nitrogen Atom: No Extra Heteroatom
12.06 1,4-Diazepines
12.27 Nine-Membered Rings

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