Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry III
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"Together the eight volumes provide chemists, and biologists working at the chemical interface, with an impressive body of collected knowledge which is not available from any other source."
— Nature 1985

"Its logical organization and text-based approach make it easier for nonspecialists and advanced students to consult, and its indexes are very thorough and very helpful."
— D. Flaxbart, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1997

"A must for all chemistry libraries and for all those research groups employing heterocyclic chemistry. Also libraries used by scientists working on biological problems, on natural products or in material sciences should have access to Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry II."
— Synthesis 1998

"The general chapters enable interested students to find their bearings... The specialised chapters are available to meet the demand for more detailed information — even experts in universities and industry - will find useful references here."
— E. Schaumann Angew Chem 1985

"It will be the first source I consult for information on topics I am interested in whether I have prior knowledge of the area of not. Consequently no institution should be without their reference copy and many will want to make the materials as accessible as possible to students, faculty and research investigators."
— D. L. Boger, J. Pharm. Sci. 1985

"Overall this set of books is successful and impressive. It will be extremely useful to anyone pursuing research in heterocyclic chemistry, and it belongs in every chemistry library. It will be consulted frequently and extensively."
— J. Med. Chem 1997

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