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You will be asked to check page proofs for typesetting errors and should always keep a copy of any corrections in case of queries.

Remember that the terms of your contract may require you to pay for corrections to your manuscript and additions at page proof stage.

Corrections should be indicated by marking the appropriate place in the text and inserting the correction or the appropriate proof correction mark in the margin next to the text.

You should use red pen for typesetting errors and blue pen for your own essential corrections. Please draw attention to particular points or queries in the text on the first page or in a note attached to the proofs.

Corrections at page proof stage are costly and time-consuming and publication of your book may be delayed as a consequence. A few words added to one page may make it necessary to transfer lines from that page to the next and so on, right through to the end. Pagination, contents, index and cross-references could all be affected.

Remember to complete any cross-references appearing as ‘page 000’ in the proofs.

To avoid repagination with its consequent delays, it is imperative that if material is added at proof stage the length of each paragraph should be retained by taking out of it as many characters as are inserted. If this is impossible, additions should be made at or near the end of the chapter if there is an unused space. In exceptional circumstances when we have agreed that substantial new material may be inserted it should be printed out, double spaced and fixed securely to the appropriate page of the proofs with a clear instruction indicating where it should go.

We normally allow 2-3 weeks for proofreading. Your project manager will contact you when proofs are available and a deadline can then be agreed.

It is usually possible to send page proofs to you electronically. If you would like your proofs to be sent this way you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader. Please let your commissioning editor know that you would like your proofs to be sent to you in this way when you deliver your copy. You will not be able to amend the text files yourself and will need to print off pages and indicate the corrections which are required on a hard copy as described above.