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We see publishing from a different perspective. Yours. Strong ideas, solid writing, and professional expertise have built the reputations of Elsevier and its imprints. Without the talents of our authors, Elsevier would not be where it is today.

Whether you're a first-time or an experienced author, our publishing team wants to make the publishing process as easy as possible for you.

From helping you understand how the publishing process works, to giving you guidelines for developing your manuscript, to planning and establishing a schedule for your project, we want to make sure you have what you need to turn your vision into a published reality.

The acquisitions editor/publisher
Acquisitions editors/publishers research current and future needs of the market and commission suitable material to meet those needs. Commissioning editors are responsible for the overall structure of the books they commission in terms of content, length, level and organization. They write jacket/cover blurbs and brief our Design Department on jacket/cover design. They are also responsible for your contract and royalty arrangements and processing your sales orders at authors’ discount.

The editorial assistant
Editorial Assistants work alongside the commissioning editors on the various lists. They will usually be your first point of contact when contacting us after the book has been accepted at a publishing committee meeting. They will also liaise with you regarding delivery dates, cover ideas, and will also be in contact with you regarding marketing for the book.

The desk editor
The project manager will work closely with you, and with the many other people involved, during the stages between typescript and publication. The project manager organizes the copyediting, proofreading, indexing (if appropriate) and also the typesetting, redrawing, illustrations and printing. They will work with you to ensure that your book is produced as quickly as possible to the highest possible standard. They will resolve any editorial queries with you, send you your page proofs and make sure that your comments are taken into account.

The designer
Our designers are responsible for the design of the jacket or cover of your book. Working to a brief from your commissioning editor they will create a suitable design for the ‘outside’ of your book.

The sales and marketing team
Our team of UK and European representatives, our sister company in the USA, together with agents all over the world, backed up by our marketing department enable your book to be given the best attention at all times. We have two sales conferences each year covering six-monthly bookshop sales cycles. This combined with direct marketing, advertising publicity, academic calling and promotion, generic ‘trade promotion’ and proactive ‘special sales’ before and after publication of your book, ensures sales are maximized at all times.