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Tropical Radioecology
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Welcome to the website for Wallace, Hobbs: Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey, 2nd Edition.

Atmospheric Science

This web site contains:

  • A list of errata which will be regularly updated. It is recommended that the reader review this list and make the indicated corrections in the text before proceeding to use the book.
  • A skew-T ln-p chart, in color, that can be printed, as needed, for use in working the exercises.
  • Table of Constants and Conversion.
  • Climate data in support of Chapters 1 and 10, with suggested exercises. These data fall into two categories: (1) climatological-mean monthly temperature and precipitation data for a set of around 500 stations and (2) annual time series of two ENSO climate indices. The data are presented in three different formats: (a) a PDF file designed for easy reading; (b) a text file from which data can be copied and pasted into various applications programs; and (c) a Microsoft Excel file.
  • Additional data for the case study of an extratropical cyclone presented in Section 8.1, including surface charts, plotted time series of hourly surface observations for several hundred stations, vertical soundings for radiosonde stations, and satellite and radar imagery.
  • An appendix to Chapter 8 briefly describing the observing system used in weather prediction and the analysis techniques used to create dynamically consistent gridded weather and climate datasets.
  • A list of URLs for web sites that might be of interest to readers of the book.


Updated 28Aug08

  • Errata   (73KB Adobe Acrobat file)


Table of Constants and Conversion

Climate Data

  1. The files accessible below contain monthly, climatological temperature and precipitation data for 460 stations. They are derived from the World Monthly Surface Station Climatology assembled by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. The data are presented in three formats: (1) a reader-friendly text version with headers containing station names (2) as tables from which data can conveniently be selected, copied, and pasted into applications programs, and (3) as Microsoft Excel files. To facilitate browsing, the stations are ordered as a series of east-west scans.
  2. Time series of monthly and annual values of Darwin sea-level pressure and the equatorial Pacific cold tongue index are accessible from the links below. Time series of the monthly data are shown in Fig. 10.20 of the text and time series of the annual means are shown. These time series are presented in the form of anomalies (i.e., departures from long-term means).
  3. The reader is invited to explore the climate data sets through a series of exercises, some of which require only visual inspection of the data files and others involve simple operations on a spread sheet program.

Supplementary data for Nov. 1998 Case Study

    Chapter 8 Appendix

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