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Welcome to the website for Harris, Harris: Digital Design and Computer Architecture, 2nd Edition.

Digital Design and Computer Architecture

About this Companion Site

This companion site hosts Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises, Lab Materials, HDL Files, Lecture Slides, Links to CAD Tools, and Figures from the Text.

Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises

Solutions to odd-numbered exercises are available below. (Solutions to even-numbered exercises are available to instructors who register at textbooks.elsevier.com/9780123944245)

Lab Materials

Click the link below to download lab materials for this book. (Note that these files do not include the solutions to the lab assignments. Instructors who register at textbooks.elsevier.com/9780123944245 may access and download the lab solutions.)

HDL Files

Click the link below to download the hardware description language (HDL) code for the MIPS processor.

Lecture Slides

Lecture slides in PowerPoint (PPT) format can be downloaded below.

Links to CAD Tools

Figures from the Text

Figures from the text can be downloaded from the links below.

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Errata: Errata as of December 1, 2015


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