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Table 2 Notes : Boeing Aircraft

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group is the largest manufacturer of civil aircraft in the world. They currently manufacture and market a range of aircraft from the small B737 (108 seats) to the B747-400 (412 seats). Several versions of their earlier aircraft (B707 and B727) now out of production, are still in operation. The Boeing 717-200 is a new design, formerly known as the MD95, and was inherited during the recent merger with McDonnell Douglas. The aircraft is essentially a modernised DC9-30 with new engines, cockpit and revised systems. The product has enabled Boeing to gain a rapid presence in the 100 seat airliner market. The B737 range of aircraft in production (-300, -400, -500) are small twin-engined single-aisle feeder liners with capacity from 108 to 162 seats for stage lengths up to 3000nm. New variants
(-600, -700 and -800) were launched in 1994 featuring a new wing and higher weights to improve payload/range characteristics. Currently ‘classic’ (-300, -400, -500) and next generation variants are being produced in parallel but production of classic variants is slowing.

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Table 3 Notes : Boeing Aircraft

The Boeing 747 aircraft was first flown in 1969. Since then over 1000 aircraft have been sold. In 1988 the company decided to improve the payload/range characteristics of the aircraft and launched the -400 series. From 1990 this variant has been the only one marketed by Boeing. The B757 aircraft is a medium range (approx. 3000nm) narrow bodied 200 seat aircraft. A stretched version was launched in 1997, the first stretch of the initial design since it entered service 16 years ago. The B767 is a medium to long range aircraft taking about 200 to 250 passengers in a twin aisle (wide body) layout over 3000 to 6000nm stages.

The (ER) notation stands for extended range aircraft in which extra fuel is carried in place of some payload.

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Table 4 Notes : Boeing Aircraft

Versions of Boeing's latest aircraft (B777) are shown in this table. The design was started in 1989 and first entered service in 1995. It is a wide bodied, twin-engined, medium-long range (4000 to 7000nm) aircraft carrying between 300 and 375 passengers. Several variants of the aircraft are proposed starting with the smaller capacity and extending to larger payloads and longer ranges. The aircraft is powered by either GE, PW or RR high-bypass turbofan engines.

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