Elsevier · Taylor, Lauriault: Developments in the Theory and Practice of Cybercartography, 2nd Edition · Chapter 9: The Nunaliit Cybercartographic Atlas Framework

Chapter 9: The Nunaliit Cybercartographic Atlas Framework

Amos Hayes¹, Peter L. Pulsifer², J.P. Fiset³

¹Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre (GCRC), Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

²National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC), University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

³Class One Technologies Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This chapter describes the development of the Nunaliit Cybercartographic Atlas Framework and the significant changes that have taken place over the 10 years it has been under development. Three major challenges for the Framework are identified and some recent developments to respond to these are described. The chapter concludes by considering the future development of Nunaliit.

Keywords: CouchDB; Data collection; Data management; Document-oriented database; iPad application; Nunaliit cybercartographic atlas framework; Open source; OpenLayers; Relational database; Software development; Web feature services; WFS.

Nunaliit website

GCRC Atlases

Figure 9.1 Map of the distributed data management network for local and traditional knowledge.

Figure 9.2 Nunaliit Prototype iPad application screenshots.

Figure 9.3 Database may be accessed and edited by Nunaliit web and/or mobile applications in addition to other applications and tools. Replication between one or more other instances allows synchronization between mobile and server nodes or between multiple server nodes. Green double-outline elements show path from Gwich'in iPad to web application hosted at GCRC.

Figure 9.4 Mockup of potential interface for specifying allowable sharing for community content.